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collapse is an outcome, not a problem to be solved.

​The emergent property that is human consciousness has for millennia sought to overwhelm our environment, with the end goal of maintaining status quo. ​This act in and of itself keeps us in a fight with our environment, working against the natural laws that keep our environment invigorated and flourishing from fresh sunlight energy and the myriad organisms that go on to construct our ecosystems.


In the very same way music notes collide in symphony, driving music forward, life within ecosystems must also, it is this interface of life and of death that evolves to ensure life's mysterious qualities imbue and permeate the planet around. That is life's gift. We at 59degrees see it as a great honour and responsibility to enhance and facilitate in invisible, mysterious and esoteric life giving vein that  ensures our beautiful landscapes become ever increasingly fertile.

Toxic Container

bad products. 

biodiversity collapse.

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees
Truck of Logs

a climate emergency.

Aerial View of Deforestation

we're doing  bad land care. 

Interested in learning more about how to better care for your landscapes and support strength and resilience into your community? Share your story and together we can change the world...

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