Who we are?

Who are we? And what do we do?

59degrees exists to support your transition into the often daunting, esoteric world of soil.

Our science-backed, peer-reviewed work offers deeper insights and understandings. We bust myths, beliefs and anecdotes to uncover the inner workings of ecological patterns that begin in the soil.

We work to empower you to fine-tune your growing system to elicit higher-yielding, healthier, disease-resistant plants that pay off.

What's in it for you?

Thriving crops and businesses.

Our farming system reduces your dependency on fertilisers and pesticides whilst increasing crop resilience and yield, benefitting both your soil, plants, and wallet.

Whether you are a farmer, arborist, or home grower, we can guide you on how to restore your lands and promote life and biodiversity.

Let us know about your concerns, we are happy to help!

Our Philosophy

Embrace Decay

Decay is not the opposite of life, but a prerequisite for it. Especially when it comes to soil. 

Living soil – decomposing, dirty, worm-filled, and thriving – hosts microorganisms, essential for growth and prosperity. They weave the foundation for a continued and flourishing biological diversity, not only vital to the plants, but to the animals and humans that depend on the ecosystems that they inhabit.

In essence, life starts from the soil up, and soil starts with decay.

But there is a catch. A non-negotiable. These crucial microorganisms can only prosper in biologically sound, untampered conditions; untilled soils, free of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. And that is why we want home growers and farmers alike to embrace the natural, beautiful, and glorious process of decay, along with the germs, fungi, and creepy crawlers that, in the end, are the only things making sustainable life, as we know it, possible.

Founder & CEO
Josef Winter, Founder & CEO Josef is a farmer, innovator, teacher and founder of 59degrees. He develops and implements systems that efficiently build life and fertility into plant-soil systems. Josef's no frills approach to quickly transition farmers and growers over to process based agricultural methods aligned with syntropic endeavour is valued across the agronomic spectrum. Inspired by Ernst Gotsch, Dr Elaine Ingham, the late Sir Albert Howard and Akira Miyawaki amongst others, Josef has synthesised the life's work of countless pioneers to bring an aggregation of information with tremendous value to those seeking to forge a regenerative future.
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