About Us

59degrees exists to support your transition into the often daunting, esoteric world of soil, empowering you to move away from myopic land practices to support a transition towards a more resilient way of working in the landscape. One that builds soil and promotes life.

Our science backed, peer reviewed work offers deeper insights and understandings, busting myths, beliefs and anecdotes to uncover the inner workings of ecological patterns that begin in the soil.


Our teachings supersede the "bigger hammer" approach with the nuance and finesse of a biological toolkit, empowering you to execute on good science, with low tech, low energy solutions.


We wish to empower you to fine tune your growing system with a return of investment in quality information to elicit higher yielding, healthier, disease resistant plants.


Why? Because we think life is precious, and since you're reading this, you probably do too. We want to work with you to take very best care of it.


Our Story

Our work is based on high-quality, cutting-edge science and our team are devoted to designing systems that support and build the long-term efficiency of photosynthesis and pedogenesis; the basis of crop and landscape health and resilience.

We’re here to help you increase your plants’ capacity to harvest more sunlight and build thriving soil communities, while buffering them both from ever-increasing environmental stress.

“A farmers business is soil creation from which the myriad, diverse relationships within the soil and above, support optimal expressions of plant and animal health. I have built a business that fast tracks farmers from current, expensive and often unhealthy dependencies on synthetic inputs that jeopardize the long term fertility of soils. My aim is to empower farmers with the information and know how to create and build porous, dark soils to support peak levels of photosynthesis and biodiversity”.

Josef Carey
CEO & Founder 59degrees 

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