Attempting to wrap our thinking-apparatus around the notion of ‘life’ is an inevitably mind-bending experience.  The froth of its waves and the fall of its tides are continuously reborn out of a ceaseless collision of elements, influences and events - ensuring that the true depths of this ocean will always remain unfathomable to us.

From the mighty Sequoia Redwood tree - squirrelling away water and atmospheric carbon under its pleated skirt - to the tiny bacterium combing these folds for minuscule morsels; all is connected - all is interactive.  As such, no living system can ever be appreciated by viewing in isolation - our lived experience of the natural world must mirror its contours - it must be integrative, rhythmic and adaptive in approach.

It is these holistic emergences that permit our ecosystems to exist in a state of dynamic equilibrium - for them to find balance.  No system this complex could ever be maintained by rigid and prescriptive interventions - its supporting acts must be permitted to improvise if they are to remain viable and fresh.

59degrees’ Biodiverse-shaping Compass 

At 59degrees we feel an urgent call to facilitate and support these processes - to aid our extended planetary family by feeding it what it needs, when it needs it - and then stepping back to let it get on with doing what it does best.  Advancing climate change, destabilising water cycles and the acidification of the oceans are all a result of the loss of the planet’s biodiversity.  Only by supporting the regeneration of our world’s intricate biological systems can we hope to rebalance the wobbly dinner-table we currently sit at.

This requires us to radically redefine our place in the world - to realign our values and actions with our most prized assets - the health of people and planet.  For us terrestrial beings, this reconstruction effort must begin at bedrock - it starts (and ends!) with the soil. 59degrees is devoted to restoring the biodiversity of this soil so that plant and animal life can flourish once more - and bounce back with all of their springy and spongey potential!  

We hope that you will join us in sowing the seeds of this Green Renaissance - contributing to a richer, greener, and more satisfying world.