Mission Driven to Bettering Land Care

The Green Rennaisance is a biologically sound, carbon negative, systems-based approach to land-care-culture. Our mission is to better our current methods of plant cultivation and production whilst accelerating more harmonious means of dwelling in the landscape.

95% of the planets living biomass belongs to the plant kingdom. As a culture, our inability to cultivate plants through the harmonisation of energy inputs, information, and applied technology is causing disharmony verging on chaos, on a global scale. The health and wellbeing of all aerobic life forms is now spiraling towards catastrophic ends and our capacity to live in the current organised fashion is coming to an end.

The Green Rennaisance is a movement driven towards bettering land-care-culture through smart, efficient, biologically sound applications of energy, information, and technology.

The movement is rooted in the knowledge that the landscape is an "end" in and of itself and must be treated as so. A far cry from the perceived "means" from which our current society has modeled itself. 

Our challenge is to innovate, design, and organise ourselves in a manner to create better systems based on new values and understandings to ensure our presence on the landscape is by definition regenerative.

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