The Science

The fauna of this planet is the product of a constantly evolving succession of collaborative relationships - the slow-stepping green dance of life.  These gently swaying bundles of energy have DNA coded into every cell - switching genes on and off to perform functions within the organism ranging from bud burst, to flowering, to leaf drop - and everything in-between. This incredibly nuanced software ensures that plant-parties can maintain and organise their own affairs - as they have successfully managed to do for over 650 million years. In every conceivable way, we animals dance to the beat of plants, it's always been this way and will remain so up until we grow chloroplasts for brains. Our health literally follows the health of the plants we eat and the health of the ecosystems we immerse ourselves in.

We often take entities as commonplace as trees for granted - but when we step back to consider the development of such huge, sprawling, multicellular organisms - their very existence seems implausible.  It is precisely the tree’s capacity to ‘farm’ and to fertilise other dynamic networks of relationships, however, that makes such miraculous feats possible - and the roots of all of these relationships are ultimately embedded in the soil.

Trees - like all lifeforms - aren’t really ‘things’ at all, they’re events; precipitated by the relationships that formed them. When these relationships are robust and reciprocal - relationships with the sun, the air, minerals, water and with microbes - the trees’ own cellular intelligence ensures immunity from insect predation and pathogenic disease. If they can’t converse with these other players, however, the tree’s genes can’t express themselves effectively and disease creeps in.

59degrees: Regenerating ecosystems by Healing Trees

At present, land managers typically manage these awkward troublemakers by treating them as  scapegoats - isolating them and often exploiting a predatory sap feeding insect, powdery mildew, blight or mite to kill it.  Whilst damage limitation is the expressed intent of this sacrificial approach, it actually spurs further disease outbreaks and the rapid depletion of pollinating insect populations - resulting in further loss of plant and animal life. This whirling dervish of devastation is referred to as the spiral of disease.

So, to combat this phenomenon - and to stick a carefully-coppiced tree branch in the spokes of this barbed wheel - 59degrees has developed a unique method of soil inoculation.  Instead of hacking away at the ‘offending’ organism, we use root injections to reinvigorate the relationship that the tree is often lacking - interactions with essential, life-affirming microbes.

With these microbes safely guarding the exterior of the root, the tree ‘knows’ that it is protected and can go on to express itself in authentic and remarkable fashion - no toxic chemicals and no loss of life. By enlivening the entire system in this way, life is able to support more life - simple, yet profoundly complex.  This is nature’s way - and at 59degrees, it’s ours too.