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So, you’re probably wondering precisely what we do and how we do it by this point - and we’re all too happy to fill your nerdy welly boots.  At 59degrees’ pioneering farm we harvest and cultivate aerobic, indigenous microbes and grow the colonies in our incubation hub.  Once the product is mature, we feed up these fungal communities to broaden their fungal:bacterial ratios (more diversity = more nutrient cycling = more growth!).

When these fungal communities have satisfactorily filled out, we then put them through an aerobic brewing cycle to extract the beneficial microbes cultivated within the hub.  Once the microbes are happily paddling about in our water-based solution, we have a potent ‘bioactive inoculum’ which we can then use to ‘root inject’ or ‘root drench’ plant specimens with these mighty miniatures.  Beneficial microbes stabilise the crumb structure of the soil - ensuring optimal flow of water and gases throughout the soil ecosystem - whilst protecting the plants contributing to it against pathogenic attack and predation.