The Green Renaissance

At 59degrees we're frontier thinkers (and doers!) - we're plant pioneers sowing the seeds of a vital and vibrant Green Renaissance

Making the most of our gifts and inclinations is always a bit of a balancing act - and as we walk this short, precious journey along the tightrope of life, the 59degrees team is constantly adjusting its footing to serve the soil that supports us.  Our approach is raw, radical, mission-driven and inventive.  We work with passion and determination - but always with a light touch - gently but assuredly steering our ship back to the heart of what it means to be human.

We’re propagating a culture that seeds joyful expansion, crafty innovation, lofty ambition and organic change.  Like a patient but persistent network of roots, we weave our way through the foundations of our existing society to open up new avenues of exploration - prying apart cemented perspectives to facilitate new growth.

This is no easy task, of course - no oak was grown in a day - but we see little acorns in every moment of thoughtful action; watering these seeds to honour the most beautiful, knowing, kind and devoted aspects of our being.  The greater the challenge, the greater our motivation - we love what we do, we do what we love - and we wouldn't have it any other way.