We assist in the integration of microbial science and Soil Biology Architecture™ into already established businesses to solve cultivation challenges, whatever they may be.

Soil Biology Architecture

Your soil’s fertility lies in its biodiversity.

Soil Biology Architecture™ is a restorative agricultural design principle that maximises soil building, fertility and yield potential by increasing biodiversity and microbial activity in the ground. We make the best use of beneficial bacteria and natural decomposition processes to make both businesses and plants more prosperous, resilient, and fruitful.


Whatever you are growing, wherever you are growing it – if it is in soil, we can help. 


Whether it is stagnant animation, mildew, mites, blights, rusts, soil compaction or any other plant, soil or pathogen-related issue, our biological toolkits and context-specific action plans both simplify and accelerate your transition towards a healthier, restorative, and value-added future.

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The long-term health of the soil and the profitability of agribusinesses are inextricably linked. Building and maintaining biologically sound, fertile soils must therefore be every farmer’s number one priority. 


The soil is the farmer’s greatest asset, and the soil’s greatest assets are the various pools of carbon complexed within. The soil’s carbon concentration directly correlates with its yield potential and growth efficiency. However, many farmers lack the tools required to maintain or restore this precious resource after decades, if not centuries, of mismanagement.


Our agriculture consulting service helps farmers and growers make decisions that not only preserve the integrity of the soil but also support the rebuilding and reparation of the carbon sponge, along with the crucially important crumb structures, damaged from years of inadvertent physical and chemical disturbance.


We work with conventional agribusinesses that are looking to leap into resilient, restorative and more profitable farming practices, based on a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the biological processes that begin at a microscopic level.

Arboriculture & Landscape Architecture

Trees are, in essence, an expression of their soil environments. Yet, conventional approaches to tree care focus on their visible, above-ground parts.


We know that tree care starts from the soil up, which is why we want to help you integrate this essential puzzle piece into your growing business.


We take on one-to-one consultancy jobs for high-value trees and large tree planting projects. We also sell high-quality Soil Biology products to support the often stressful transplantation event.


“59degrees’ root injections have proven pivotal in the rehabilitation of our trees that are declining health and vigour. We have relied upon their Super Compost and other biological products for all our tree planting projects, and we are both delighted and amazed at the dazzling health 59degrees’ Soil Biology brings.”

Katarina Rickman, Head Gardener at Lövsta Stuteri

Market Gardening

Market Gardening

We understand just how intense of a business market gardening can be. The stresses of an already demanding industry, combined with an overwhelming number of products can leave you in analysis paralysis. 

Whether you are operating a no-dig or a conventional growing system, we can provide specific guidance to help you execute on well-informed, high-quality information, to maximise the benefits of Soil Biology.


“After the application of Josef and the 59degrees team we saw a rapid change in soil quality and health! We could spot both different sorts of fungi and other micro life that we had not seen before. The soil’s structure and colour improved, and the vegetables grew very, very well.”

Mauritz and Agnes, Karshamra Mat och Trädgård