Our main purpose is to support farmers and home growers in the transition towards more economically and ecologically resilient modes of growing. At the heart of every high-quality decision lies a deep level of understanding. We aim to ensure you know your land and your soil from the soil up.

Our Resources

Book a private session with our soil expert, Josef Winter, to learn the ins and outs of Soil Biology Architecture™, subscribe to our Youtube channel where Octavia Hopwood delves into the amazing world of microbiology, and stay tuned for our upcoming video courses, where science and hands-on practice is combined in thorough guides, teaching you how to make soil biology work for your specific situations and challenges.


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Private Sessions

Do you have a unique farming challenge that you want support with? Do you need help expanding your compost operation, transplanting trees, or taking the leap into restorative agriculture?


Josef Winter has more than 20 years of experience building health and vitality in plants and ecosystems. Our private sessions are customised for your specific needs and challenges. They include both consultancy and practical implementation of biological systems within tree nurseries, large-scale woodland regeneration and perennial fruit production. As well as the development, production, and sales of cutting-edge, restorative cultivation products.


What are mycorrhizal fungi and the wood wide web? What is soil structure restoration and nutrient cycling? Learn this and much more on our Youtube channel.


Join Octavia Hopwood PhD, and delve into the fascinating world below your feet. Learn about Soil Biology in the natural world and how the lessons learnt there can transform the way we grow food, now and in the future.

Video Courses

Learn how to activate beneficial microbes in your soil to increase yield and reduce disease and pest infestation. We are currently developing a series of videos to teach you how to make biological inputs that will dramatically improve your patch of planet earth.