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Education and action are important drivers for the company and with the following educational resources we reach audiences around the globe. Book a private session with Josef. Subscribe to our 59degrees Youtube Channel where Octavia will introduce you to the world of microbiology. Stay tuned for our upcoming video courses where science and hands-on practice are combined in high-quality informative videos describing step-by-step how to make soil biology work for you. In the meantime sign up for our monthly newsletter for reading lists and book reviews, our latest blogs, and updates on our soil research.

Private Session 

Do you have a unique problem that Josef can help you with? Do you want help expanding your compost operation? Transplanting trees?  

Josef has 20 years of experience building health and vitality into plants and ecosystems from the soil up. This includes consultancy and implementation of biological systems within tree nurseries, large scale woodland regeneration and perennial fruit production.  As well as the development, production, and sales of innovative, cutting-edge biological products.

YouTube Channel

What is soil biology? What is mycorrhizal fungi and the wood wide web? What is the Soil food Web and nutrient cycling?

Let the soothing voice of  Octavia Hopwood PhD help you understand the fascinating world below your feet. Learn about how soil biology works in the natural world and how the lessons there can transform the way we grow our food.

Video Courses coming soon...

Want to know how to activate beneficial microbes in your compost pile? How to make teas and extracts? and more?

We are developing a series of videos to teach you precisely how to make biological inputs that will dramatically improve your patch of planet earth from the soil up! Stay tuned!

If you want to know when the courses are ready, click on the link below and we will notify you!

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