Soil Biology Architecture

Soil Biology Architecture is a design principle that recognises the life in the soil as the basis for soil fertility.


Without soil biology, there is no fertility. We design our systems based on the capacity for the life in the soil to thrive.

Whatever you're growing, wherever you're growing it, if it's in soil, we can help. Soil Biology Architecture supports businesses and plants to become more vigorous, profitable, disease free and resilient.

Soil Biology architecture, developed by 59degrees supports an integration of deep microbial science into already established businesses. We are the linchpin between the science and the businesses who need it most.

We work closely with you and our expert team of advisors to solve the significant challenges faced within the industry context, applying niche science of microbial applications to solve your fertility, weed, disease and pathogen issues in your context.

Whether it's mildew, mites, blights, rusts, predation, soil compaction or any other plant, soil or pathogen related issue, our biological toolkit can support your transition towards a healthier, microbe happy future.

Tell us about your problems, we can help!


Learn how to integrate biological inputs into your farming practices.  Are you ready to close fertility loops, build soil, ditch costly inputs, and grow more protein rich crops? 

We bring a wealth of microbial farm scale experience to the fold. Closing fertility loops to build soil and repair often damaged crumb structure is critical to maintaining the long term health and fertility of your farmland. Regardless of cropping systems, the biological integrity of your soil is critical to the buildup of humus, the stability of your soil structure and ultimately the health of the plants and animals being supported on the land.


We can support you to integrate biological practices into your already established farming practice. Learn how!


Are you an arborist lacking the tools and know how to rehabilitate trees, young and old, from the soil up? Learn how to repair the soil and get the potent benefits Soil Biology brings.

Conventional approaches to tree care focus on their visible, above-ground parts. But trees are an expression of their soil environment. At 59degrees we believe that tree care should start from the soil up. We can support you to integrate the hugely important puzzle piece into your business.

Market Gardening

Learn from our expert team of advisors how to best optimise your design to benefit from Soil Biology. Whether you're operating a no-dig or a conventional growing system, we can provide specific guidance that will teach you how to maximise the benefits Soil Biology.

Market gardening is an intense business. With the stresses an already demanding industry, combined with weed pressure, irregular rainfall, poor performing products and more, the combination can often seem overwhelming. 

We can support your business to integrating our knowledge of Soil Biology to increase yields, reduce weed pressure and ensure your bed care is optimised to suit the needs of both crops and microbes.