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some of the work we have done, with great results to share. 

past projects. 



Engelbergs Bruk, Västmanland 

Engelsbergs Bruk is a family owned property, known for its intact artefacts of iron production dating back to the 1700's. 59degrees have been operating as caretakers of the trees since 2009. In this report you'll find a unique method of soil and plant rehabilitation performed using a microbial inoculation to stimulate root activity.


Bona Gård, Munsö

59degrees operate from Bona Gård. A 5th generation farm, owned and managed since the 1700's by the Giertta family. 59degrees work closely with the farm owners to optimise the cultivation methods necessary during the highly turbulent climate (both financial and otherwise). Our work here is of a perennial nature so keep checking in for updates and reports.

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Hållsnäs Gård, Hölö

The soils at Hållsnäs are historically extremely challenging. Very poorly structured, and highly vulnerable to water logging. The project was an overseeing of a new design of market garden for a pair of biodynamic vegetable growers. 59degrees supported with both design, product and execution. 


Karshamra Mat o Trädgård

Karshamra Mat & Trädgård is a family run business, catering to both public and business. We worked closely with them to enhance the productivity of their existing business. Over a 6 month period, we saw an increase in Soil Organic Matter, aggregate stability, yield, flavour and overall health of their crops.

coming soon.

current projects. 

we are continually taking on more opportunities to incite meaningful, locally and abroad. are you next?

what our clients say.

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