Soil Biology Products

Welcome to the home of Soil Biology. Our products provide everything your plants will need to thrive. Building health into your plant is made super easy using our microbial, soil dwelling companions. Healthy plant life is all about building a thriving ecosystem in the soil. We’ve cracked the soil code and are making soil great again. Plants thrive, the world breathes, we all benefit.

Super Compost

Our super compost is a concentrate composed of thousands of diverse species of microbes that will regenerate your soil and promote radical plant growth.


The carefully selected byproducts including a base of aged organic cow manure freshly ground wood chip, volcanic rock dust, kelp and biochar, are pre digested by thousands of species of bacteria and fungi. 


This product is a fermented organic amendment which works as an inoculant building soil fertility.

Once in the soil, the process becomes predominantly aerobic, allowing for the further decomposition. This process allows for a slow release of nutrients and so builds fertility over time.

Microbial Bio-Stimulant

Our Microbial bio-stimulant is derived from our handmade and sustainably harvested composting process. As the name suggests – it will stimulate the microbial biology in your soil and support your microbes that will feed the plant.


It can also increase the efficiency by which your plants take up nutrients. In addition, it performs the dual function of stimulating as well as protecting your plant from pest and disease.


The application of our microbial bio-stimulant boosts the growth, yield, nutrition, and stress tolerance of your plants.

Mycorrhizal Spores

Sustainably harvested in native woodlands, we hand collect spores from fruiting bodies of 29 different species of mycorrhizal fungi.


Added to your planting mix, your woody plants will have access to build its own wood wide web, an intimate network for sharing information between trees on local environmental conditions and for the transport of water, minerals, and carbon.


Our Mycorrhizal Spores extend your plant’s root network by up to 10x, ensuring optimum plant health and longevity. This will help your woody plants and trees thrive.

Tree Planting Kit

Soil is everything when it comes to trees. So why plant a 100 euro tree in a 2 cent hole?


Our Tree Planting Kit includes everything you need to establish trees and shrubs. Included in each kit is our super compost, mycorrhizal spores, and bio-stimulant to ensure your tree will go on to thrive.



Interested in our products?

We currently sell our products through plant nurseries and web-shops serving the Scandinavian region. If you are interested in selling our products through your business please contact us.


If you are a farmer, landscape designer, or avid hobby gardener that would like to buy generous quantities of our products to revive your landscape, you are also welcome to contact us! 

Thank you for your interest!!