Bringing Biodiversity Home

Here at 59degrees, we believe that the pivotal challenge of our times is to harmonise our relatively safe and domesticated lifestyles with the needs of the planet - putting our passion to work to facilitate a thriving, vibrant ecosystem.  We’re committed to giving the landscape some ‘breathing room’ - and as a homeowner one of the best ways that you can do this is to embrace an approach we've coined "The Wild Urban Garden".

Inspired by the work of visionary botanist and green pathweaver, Dr Miyawaki, this groundbreaking horticultural model allows you to turn your backyard into a bustling oasis of biodiversity.  All you need is a space of 12 square metres or more and the will to devote some of it to nature’s own processes, and you can be a part of the blossoming Green Renaissance.

By cultivating this retreat with the expressed intent of attracting indigenous birds, bees, bats, bugs and butterflies (and many more besides) you can build a comfy creature-feature that teems with wildlife - whilst supporting your own well-being.  The units we install then become self-sustaining, self-organising ecosystems that can maintain themselves for centuries if left to their own devices. 

At 59degrees we see it not only as our responsibility to nurture the planet’s biodiversity, but also as a privilege.  Our moto has become "out with the lawn, in with the new" - and we hope that you will share in our enthusiasm for this revolutionary re-wilding - one garden at a time.

Get in touch now to find out how 59degrees can shape up your plot of potential - turning it into a cheerful haven for minibeasts and bigger beings alike.