59degrees are mission-driven to accelerating a restorative movement within the landscape. We've tagged this mission "The Green Rennaisance".

We are located at 59degrees North, 1 hrs drive from Stockholm. 

Our core mission is to empower professionals through means of first-class educational workshops, seminars, long and short courses within all domains of regenerative, best soil-plant care practices. 

Through the adoption, and implementation of science-backed, evidence-based, regenerative plant-soil care practices, our real-world applications demonstrate how facilitative practices in the human realm lead to restorative and regenerative ecological expressions of health in the wider landscape. We see an urgent need for a redesign and recalibration of land-care-culture to better utilise energy, information, and technology as a means to this end.

Through working towards this goal and building the health of the soil-plant matrix we are able to take radical and transformative action in our own health and wellbeing. Didn't you hear already? Soil is the foundation of the wellness movement!

The company is driven by Josef Carey (CEO) and Octavia Hopwood (CSO).

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