Here at 59degrees we’re frontier thinkers (and doers!) - plant pioneers sowing the seeds for a vital and vibrant Green Renaissance.  We’re moving to fortify the plant kingdom - so that they can provide sustenance and protection to all beings that seek shelter under her bountiful canopy; filling bellies, feeding imaginations and emboldening spirits the world over.

As human beings we tend to separate ourselves from nature.  We think of ourselves as ‘living on it’ rather than as living parts of it - causing us to display some very anti-social behaviour towards our more rustic neighbours!

The bottom line is, it isn’t just plants that grow from the soil - ultimately we all do.  Every cell in our bodies is on loan from the bank of earth beneath our feet - if we want it to surrender its riches to us then we have to treat it like any other collaborative venture - we have to invest in it.  In this environmental ‘economy’ humans are amongst nature’s most complex enterprises - this means that we have to develop a very diverse portfolio of assets if we’re to experience the true wealth of health, abundance and well being!

Putting Green in the Bank

Treating the earth as a cash point that will continuously spit out resources for us without paying any mind to the account it’s connected has taken a hefty toll on our planet’s balance sheet.  To be more specific, the use of pesticides and other shortsighted, aggressive and soil-taxing farming methods is driving the lush, green earth towards bankruptcy.

This is a deeply concerning development, but at 59degrees we favour solutions over sour-milk - and so we channel our energies into nurturing and implementing biologically sound, carbon negative plant-soil systems to restore some soul to the soil; nurturing its natural biodiversity.  Soils that teem with life support higher yielding, healthier and hardier plants - and that means greater abundance for all of the many lifeforms that they support.

Founded by Josef Carey (CEO) & Octavia Hopwood (CSO) 59degrees operates out of our research farm in South Stockholm.  We continuously seek to top our existing methods of plant cultivation through innovative, creative design - nourishing the land on which we live and sharing its wisdom with the world.  We therefore hope that you will accompany us on our journey - un-paving the way towards a brilliant Green Renaissance!

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