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What makes plants grow?


If like us, you're curious to better understand this question, you're in the right place!


59degrees are a team of expert growers and scientists, dedicated to supporting you to grow a better future through the improvement of the life in your soil. We want to teach you how to restore health, vitality and abundance back to your slice of planet earth.


We work with farmers and growers working with plants across the species spectrum to support the transition from costly input based systems that degrade soil biology over to a process based method of plant and soil cultivation that enriches overall health and biological diversity.

Our devotion to this topic is widely acclaimed and now available in a variety of formats. Our work is designed to ensure your trajectory as a land steward is consistently building momentum, capacity and energy towards a resilient and regenerative future. 



We have developed an array of handmade products that are sustainably harvested and carefully made. Our Soil Biology products restore and support the life of the soil and help to provide an optimal growing environment for you, your plants and planet earth to enjoy.

We integrate our knowledge of Soil Biology and the design of growing systems into your business. Find out how!


We have spent decades exploring the intimate symbiotic relationships between plants and soil. We have distilled this information into useful content to enable healthy and thriving landscapes and businesses.

“After the application of 59degrees products we saw a rapid change in soil quality and health! We could spot both different sorts of fungi and other micro life that we hadn’t seen before, the structure of the soil was better, the soil was darker, and the vegetables grew very, very well.”


Mauritz and Agnes 

Karshamra Mat och Trädgård

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