We accelerate your transition towards a more profitable, restorative agribusiness with our science-backed design principle, Soil Biology Architecture™.

What we do

Industrial farming methods, which usually include relentless tilling, artificial fertilisers, and synthetic pesticides, strip the soil of its organic matter, biodiversity, and fertility; making land owners and farmers more dependent on expensive, damaging chemicals that further deplete the soil’s capacity to retain energy and support healthy plants.


Our mission at 59degrees is to simplify and accelerate your transition towards naturally resilient and restorative cultivation systems. Our educational programs, consulting services, and microbial products help you build thriving soils that elicit higher-yielding, disease-resistant crops, as well as a more profitable operation.


Soil Biology Architecture™ simultaneously invigorates your soil, your plants, and the ecosystem, whilst improving the economic viability of your business.