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Architects of Agro-ecological Design

59degrees Land Architects

A Science Backed Approach to Fully Firing Ecosystems

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Our primary function at 59degrees is to support your business into the as of yet, untapped potential of agro-ecological production.

Agroecology is a potent tool, that lends to the transformation of the health, and productivity of your land. 


Its framework consists of key principles and concepts that compound to influence optimal soil function, crop health, carrying capacity, water and biodiversity networks that entangle and synergise. 


The emergent properties of these entangled, synergised states leverage the full potency of a landscape. It is in this "tension of state" with the landscape at full tilt yet within the bounds of ecological equilibrium, which ensure the optimised energy and water  systems to produce wholesome, abundant yields, year after year, with minimal inputs.


We lean heavily on our world leading advisory board to ensure your investment, and learning trajectory compound to leverage maximum output with relatively small investments, whilst improving the overall health of your farm


In today’s economic, political and environmental climate, the challenges of agriculture are profound. Our aim is to reduce the barriers to entry, mitigating financial risk and dependence from expensive, soil taxing inputs to support and accelerate an agricultural renaissance.


Generationally, our  farming systems and soils have declined in health to degrade soil, farm, economy and the animals feeding from them. 59degrees amongst others offer you an inflection point to turn the ship to greener horizons.

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