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If you want to apply your research skills here at Bona Gård, send your CV to along with a 400 word letter of introduction.

Regenerative agriculture

Soil Ecology

Soil Life is critical to SOM dynamics. Our work here at Bona Gård is to generate fertility using plant, and microbe life to accelerate the soil building process.


Our 8 Ha successional agroforestry plot will become a reality in 2024/2025. Agroforestry is a promising tool to restore perennial plants back to the landscape.

Mob Grazing

Our 400 cattle of Hereford steers are used to steadily build fertility. Using a mob grazing technique, we can improve the vitality of the grassland and soil matrix.

Research opportunities

Regenerative Agriculture is a discipline in which we can create global shifts in how food is grown and landscape health restored. During each year, we take on a number of research projects which accelerates our collective learning. Our work is open source, and the learnings we take from the research is shared across the farming community. 

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