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Soil as a process

Soil health is a complex concept that encompasses a variety of factors. The complex, dynamic nature of soil has confused many agronomists, farmers and growers alike resulting in drastic over simplification and dependence on synthetic inputs. This approach can often lead to the detriment of the three individual characteristics that define soil health, those being the physical, biological and chemical.


It is a balance between these three suites that result in a healthy, porous soil that cycles carbon, holds water and mobilises nutrients, whilst steadily building fertility.


Our integrated Soil Architecture methods are aimed to all those wishing to embark on the journey of learning, making your soil and plants sing.


Giving you agency

Our soil market is swamped with soil chemistry products, alleviating the symptoms of a deeper biological problem. Healthy soil is a living breathing medium and it's dynamic nature is what drives fertility.


Our Soil Architecture Packages give you the tools and knowhow to kickstart your soils back to life. Beautiful, healthy, porous, rich brown soil don't come from a purchase, they come from a process. We want to teach you nature's way.

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