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"The most beautiful form of agriculture is also the most productive" 

Josef Winter founder of 59degrees

59degrees operates from Bona Gård, Munsö, Sweden. An 800 Hectare, 5th generation mixed farm owned and run by the Giertta family. Where we support their transition over to restorative, agro-ecologically sound methods of crop production. 

Our training programmes

We are a team of soil, plant and fungi nerds, super passionate about preserving and improving the health of your soil and productivity of your growing system. Our mission is to give you agency to better understand the vital role microbes and plants play in ensuring our precious planet continues to provide abundantly.


Our coaching package helps you build back the often missing biological communities in soil, whilst learning the necessary propagation techniques to ensure a continued building of fertility. Whether you're running a conventional or organic business, we aim to minimise your inputs, without sacrificing yield. 


We offer consultancy services, and bespoke training programs to help you understand your soil, to better make informed decisions that lead to biodiverse and thus resilient growing systems.


Let us help you future-proof your soils.

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