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"Optimising for productive systems is clearly about supporting the pre-existing positive feedback loops. The system can then self organise and gets more refined, and resilient as time passes". Josef Winter

The process of working with us will get you digging into your land and your own internal process. Somewhere between your belief of how things are, the reality of how things are, and how you want your landscape to respond, you'll find a process. 

This process, aligns with the self organising, self-reinforcing will of the landscape, generating a more refined and resilient system over time. In a nut shell, this is the work we will embark on together.


Knowledge and wisdom are inherently resonant. As we learn more about our land base, we find that our understanding becomes increasingly integrated and unified. 

The potent & transformative insights you gain in this work will trigger new ways of thinking, and new solutions to problems.  The practical value it offers will be transformative. This work is not static; it is a dynamic and evolving process of discovery and refinement. As we accumulate deeper understanding of our microbe-soil-plant-animal system, we build a more comprehensive understanding of the entanglements of life, which always tend to lean towards more enlightened and prosperous outcomes. Our intention is to illuminate these often hidden entanglements, and show you the key to the perennial kingdom.



Identify problem(s)

This involves understanding you, your business, your motives, your passion, your strengths, weaknesses, KPI's and capacity to execute on a new plan. This process is designed to get to the root cause of the design issues of your system. In some instances, we will lean on our advisory board members to support on this task.


Mapping and Data Collection

We will map extensively the terrain of your operation, whilst collecting data of your soils, both new and old. We can then model your business against the viability of conditions we have documented. This process looks the same for a 100m2 back yard or a 1000 Ha farm scale project.




Talking broad strokes, the information we have collected about you, your enterprise, your soils and your crops, is pieced together. We can then model a system that fits your current fertility level, whilst designing and modelling systems into your business to move you from your current position, to where you wish to be.



By this time, we will be very well acquainted with one another, and we'll almost certainly be ready to implement the design. With the continuous use of our testing KPI's, we can discern whether we are on track or not. If not, we must quickly ascertain why, and course correct as needed. We are devoted to shifting the fertility levels and health and productivity of your growing system from day 1.

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