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The Albrecht soil analysis is a comprehensive and detailed approach to understanding your soil’s capacity to deliver critical nutrients to plants. This analytical technology will identify key elements missing from your soil. With this information we help  you create a tailored fertility management plan. Monitoring ph levels and other important elements will help you prevent disease outbreaks in your cropping systems. By using the Albrecht soil analysis, you can make informed decisions that increase the health of your soil and your crops and the profitability of your business.


See soil collection instructions below.

Albrecht soil analysis

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  • Here are the steps on how to collect a soil sample for chemical analysis.

    • Choose a representative area to sample. 
    • Remove any surface litter, such as leaves or twigs.
    • Use a soil probe or auger to collect soil cores from the top 12 cm's of the soil.
    • Collect multiple cores from each sampling area and inform us your representative sample (how many cores in what sized area).
    • Place the cores in a clean plastic bag or container.
    • Label the bag or container with the location and date of the sample.
    • Keep the sample cool and moist until it can be analyzed.


  • Drop us an email to ''. We will provide details as to where to ship your soils.

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